2020 and Digital Fashion Shows

There’s no doubt that 2020 have so far been a year where everyone stays home, or at least restrict all the normal activities. It’s no longer news that fashion shows are opting for digital shows in order to keep running. COVID-19 is no joke and it should not be taken lightly.

As regarding fashion shows, fashion weeks and fashion exhibition… the business had been on hold since the pandemic, but countries are currently trying to cautiously open up for business in the area of fashion. We noticed a huge spike in Australia COVID-19 cases and this forced some businesses to close back up.

The runway shows, often incredible spectacles themselves even aside from the fashion being presented, are the basis around how the cogs of the fashion industry wheels turn. While look books certainly serve a purpose, seeing how the clothes move and which pieces work together inform the orders placed by buyers and the trends fashion editors will pinpoint following the various fashion weeks.

Nevertheless, the fashion industry, like almost every other industry around the world, has had to adapt, pivot and change in response to the unprecedented times we’ve been living through in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic put an abrupt end to the traditional fashion show with most countries putting strict social distancing restrictions in place and a number of cities in full lockdown meaning no runway show could take place given the large number of people involved. Travel bans also meant that no one—models, buyers, editors, fashion influencers, celebrities—could travel to take part in or watch a designer present their latest collection.

Over a weekend in June, London Fashion Week Digital, the first completely digital fashion week was held. There were no live runway shows or street style moments as there was no audience or front row, but as the London Fashion Week platform was available to the public rather than the usual buyers, editors and celebrity friends of the brands who are invited to the shows—it did mean a much wider audience for the brands taking part, possibly translating to more sales for those brands showcasing “see now, buy now” collections.

We look forward to seeing more digital fashion shows in different parts of the world.

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