Getting Stylish with Facemasks as “Modern Day Corona” safety protocol

The world is currently getting used to the new fashion style inspired by the Covid-19 prevention measure.

As several countries all over the world are beginning to call of the lockdown and resuming businesses, it is imperative to remember that the dreaded virus is still very much around and no vaccine or drug have been officially released yet… hence the need to protect oneself at all times.

And with masks advised for the foreseeable future, people are finding ways to incorporate them into their outfits.

“Everyone is on it right now including designers. It is a necessary fashion statement right now,” says Angel Obasi who runs the Instagram account Styleconnaisseur.


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•|Attended a ZOOM wedding today, took no chances. Supporting friends from miles away!💥|• Outfit: @cynthia_abila

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Ms Obasi posted images of a matching mask and suit outfit she wore to a Zoom wedding when the pandemic began. More than 100,000 people liked the images of her outfit on Twitter.

She told the BBC that she has worn the mask several times as it is “best for my style and obviously for keeping safe”.

There are however several creative fashionistas getting creative and stylish with the new fashion trend of including facemasks in our everyday wears.

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