Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend

Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend, Michael Polansky, about whom she shared a Valentine’s Day tribute. He’s the same man, who on New Year’s Eve, Gaga was seen kissing. At the time, no one knew who Polansky was, but now he’s all over her Instagram account. This week, she posted two photos, pretty close together.

On Friday, she posted a selfie with Polansky on a plane. “I’ve got a STUPID love,” she wrote.

Gaga, who was engaged to Christian Carino until the two broke things off in February of last year, before the Gaga went to the Oscars to perform with her A Star is Born costar Bradley Cooper.

In July she reportedly got together with audio engineer Dan Horton, and the two dated before splitting after three months.

Now, at least according to Instagram and all those kiss emojis, she is pretty content in her love life.

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