Job interviews can make you really nervous especially as regards creating the best impression.The best way to keep this at a cool is to dress appropriately and pay close attention to what not to wear.This tips might be handy in that regard:

1.Avoid flashy colours:Subtle and gentle colours are the best for this occasion.Ladies should be very wary of flash accessories and blings.It is important to look very professional in order to send the right vibe.

2.Wear simple make up:Long lashes,Colourful shadows and heavy foundation should be avoided to the barest minimum.Simple make up is most appropriate for such formal occasions.

3.Ensure your clothes are the perfect fit:Undersized clothing distract your audience and send the very wrong signals,so do oversized clothes.Try to get your perfect fit,this even adds spice to your confidence.

4.Avoid resplendent jewellery pieces:Men have to understand that wristwatches and wedding bands are the only jewellery pieces appropriate for an occasion.Large rings,neck pieces,studs and others are wrong.Women on the other hand should keep thier jewellery very simple.

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