Lucia Pica, Chanel global and creative makeup collection you need to look your most chic this season

The shade of pink has come a long way from being overly feminine hue that appeals to a certain kind of woman.

Lucia Pica, Chanel global and creative makeup and colour designer, is the latest creative to take give this hue a twist with the newest Candeur Et Expérience : Acte ll collection. She wanted to play with different ideas of character and femininity mainly through the medium of the colour most associated with gender.
She strikes a balance between the youthful innocence and grown-up experience by mixing various levels of pink, from pretty blush pink to a deeper burgundy shade. Think of it as a coming of age makeup collection, that moment when you feel a little more daring and confident to play up your features like the lips or the eyes.

“It’s an inner journey, a journey into the duality of women and femininity,” she explains.

For the face, Pica has come up with Baume Essentiel Rosée stick that can be applied to the cheeks for that rosy glow as well as lips for that undone Parisian flush. Applied straight from the stick or with a special brush, it can also be swept over eyes and eyeshadow for a creamy look.

For the eyes, you have a versatile Les 4 Ombres Candeur et Expérience eyeshadow palettes that come in three different combinations. The four shades in each palette offer rich, soft and luminous matte browns and reds for intensity and blush pink for the softness.

The much-loved Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner is now available in two shades – Psyché which is a rich, dark, purple-brown and Romance which is a satin pink shade -that compliment the palettes.

Expand your lipstick collection with two new shades of Rouge Coco, two hues for Rouge Coco Flash and another duo for Rouge Allure Ink Fusion. We love the blood-chocolate tone of Rouge Coco in Attraction, but if you want something a little soften then go for Rouge Coco Flash in satin pink shade Flushes.

For the nails, you have two tones of Le Vernis to pick from, a soft pink and rich burgundy. Égérie, with its modulated pink beige, could be seen as both modest and powerful, while Interdit is a punchy shade of blood chocolate that will make you feel like a boss in any situation.

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