Nyarach Abouch Ayuel: Inspiring Story From Refugee Camp To Supermodel

The founder of the mother agency ISIS Models Agency, Joan Okorodudu writes about the inspiring journey of this amazing model from a refugee camp to the world stage.

“Nyarach Abouch Ayuel,I remember when I scouted you, the first thing I said was you are going to be a top model and eventually a super model.The first thing you said was no one has ever told me this.The journey was so tough,I had to fly to Nairobi to assist with your visas,we had the run around from embassies because of your refugee status.Finally the girl from Kakuma Refugee camp has made it to the world stage.Hey girl I told you so.Looking back ,it was all worth it.I remember the day you had to go to Juba only to be told after getting to Juba that you can only get your visas from Ethiopia. I just want to tell you that all the pain,money spent,was all worth it.To Nallah Sangare representing Isis models as Nigerians will say ,our Manager of life ,thank you so much for everything,for all the embassy visits in Nairobi and just to say that this is just the beginning. I remember all the visits to United Nations office in Nairobi to get your refugee card and how the lady assisted us.All the note verbal that we got from South Sudan Embassy to assist us.I was almost giving up one day ,and I remember clearly your words to me “auntie don’t worry everything will be okay.Today you walked with great Naomi Liya Kebede and others.The time will come when our story will be told and how a young girl from Kakuma Refugee camp became a super model of the world. Thank you @girlmgmt for everything ,you guys are the best,thank you @basemodelagency the Elle Magazine was simply amazing @dimejialara for that master piece in Elle Magazine,thank you @modelsdiscoveri@apmmodels@nallahsangare you rock .Hi guys ,I have more work to do and some more girls from Kakuma Refugee camp are waiting for me .I have place two more girls and waiting for their paper work

Nyarach Abouch Ayuel from South Sudan :Supplied

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