Ralph Lauren has made a vow to make gender mainstreaming his top priorities come year 2025.This was stated in the Ralph Lauren’s 2019 Global Citizenship and Sustainability report.It says the number of women holding management and leadership positions at the factories that supply the Ralph Lauren brand will increase by 25 percent by the year 2025.

He also promised to recommend at least one female who qualifies by merit for each new job opportunity and to also achieve an inclusive recruitment process for people of different backgrounds.

We would recall that Ralph Lauren was honoured with the British knighthood November 2018 and remains the first American to have won such a revered title.

Ralph Lauren also emphasized his social responsibility tasks to make sure all of his brands are “inclusive and culturally aware”.Halide Alagoz,the brand’s first chief sustainability officer said “Being a global brand and an iconic US designer,Ralph Lauren always wants to make sure our products are designed through the filter of that respect.


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