Sexual Healing: Finding The Passion.

By Ruth Peter.

Overtime, researches have been carried out to ascertain if sex is the perfect remedy for high levels of daily stress or if stress knocks out sex drive and these findings has left us to ask, what is the link between stress and sex?.

Stress is one of the key factors that affects the social and romantic life of couples. In satisfactory relationships, couples easily find ways to ease anxiety and tension both emotionally and psychologically. Whereas an unsatisfactory relationship suffers in finding that drive. According to a few psychotherapists, such couples should build up communication and acknowledge their shortcomings because it will be a reminder why they got married.

An evident result showed 36% of women and 18% of men with concerns about their lessening interest in sex.

Sex boosts mood and increases feelings of connection and wellbeing. finding the desire to have sex, is a step forward to sexual healing. if only we know how desires operate, we would manage our sexual lives very differently.

In marriages, people don’t ever feel like having sex out of the blue but instead they need to have their desire triggered.

Over decades, sexologists have stated that desires come first before the body becomes aroused. This is because attitudes and understanding have progressed and it is evident that sexual desire is a more complex process. Couples are asked to think about what triggers their desire to have sex and what doesn’t. This aids them to know if sex is a “stress relief” or ” wanting to feel connected” or “wanting to just feel it”.

In every relationship, couples need to differentiate when it’s a sex drive or unbridled lust only then can they open up in trying to make advances or make advances in the right circumstances. By doing so, people will realize that they have been doing the opposite of what their desires might need and curtailing every opportunity they have to trigger it.

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