The Dhs2.7 million diamond headphones you never knew

There are those who are into their music, and those who are really into their music. If you fall into the latter category then these sparkly pair of headphone might peak your interest – but you better have deep pockets.

The famed Beats by Dre partnered with London-based jewellery house Graff to create one of a kind Pro headphones. They feature over 126 carats of diamonds and rubies and are valued at a mere $750,000 (around Dhs2.7 million).


They were first spotted during the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI halftime show featuring Madonna and LMFAO. They were also worn by Grammy winning artist Lil Wayne, and now they can be all yours.

You can snap them up on 1stdibs and we hope that your playlist is just as sparkly as these headphones.

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