US first ever Modest Fashion Week Dec. 2019

US is following in the footsteps of Milan, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Dubai and London and launching it’s first ever Modest Fashion Week.

Kicking off in Miami on November 30, the three-day event welcomes designers, models and retailers that celebrate the best from the world of modest dressing.

The event was founded by Malaysian born, Norsham Mohamad-Garcia who has been based in Miami for the past 10 years. In an interview with, she said:

“I am very proud of this project. We believe in education, creativity, diversity and authenticity, the future.”

“In America, there are a lot of mass markets, behind which identity is lost. Modest designers are very creative and create unique clothes. Americans are very fond of original clothes, the thirst for exclusivity is a big plus for modest designers,” she adds.

Miami Modest Fashion Week will take place at Intercontinental Hotel Miami from November 30 to December

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