Vogue Italia goes Photoless this January

The editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia published a note on Wednesday announcing that January’s issue is entirely illustrated, rather than photographed, in the name of sustainability.

The Environmental Impact of the Fashion Magazine

Emanuele Farneti,  Vogue Italia’s editor in chief in his note explained how much goes into producing the average issue of Vogue.

One hundred and fifty people involved. Twenty flights, ten trains. Forty machines available. Sixty international expeditions. At least ten hours of lights on continuously, partly powered by gasoline generators. Food waste from catering. Plastic to wrap clothes. Power to recharge phones, cameras …

Farneti openly admits that creating a fashion magazine has a significant impact on the environment. He chose to make a statement and do something about it by getting creative with the January issue. He chose to produce a magazine that highlights fashion, but in a more sustainable way.

The January issue is entirely produced, from covers to services, by eight artists who committed to avoiding travel, shipping, and pollution in the pursuit of producing these illustrations. The artists used stylists and real women but simply had to show the clothes through illustrations, rather than photographs. It’s a challenge, but one that is surely worth it.

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